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Welcome to Spencerport Soccer Club!
Travel and Recreational Programs for Boys and Girls from 4 to 19 years old

Field Status Information
Munn is OPEN
Terry Taylor is OPEN
Cosgrove E is OPEN
Cosgrove H is OPEN
Cosgrove I is OPEN
Pineway Field #1 is OPEN
Field #2 is OPEN
Field #3 is OPEN
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Travel Tryouts - Save the Dates
Tryouts for the Spencerport Travel Soccer 2017 season will be held...
Alex Turnquist/Ben Daley Memorial Soccer Camp
We would like introduce the first annual Alex Turnquist/Ben Daley...
House Soccer Programs - Registration for 2016 is Closed
The Registration System for our 2016 Summer House Outdoor Program...
Travel Tryouts - Save the Dates
Tryouts for the Spencerport Travel Soccer 2017 season will be held during the week of 7/25, please see the schedule and locations below. The expectation is that most tryouts will be concluded by Sunday, July 31; however, circumstances (weather, additional evaluations, etc.) may dictate additional tryout dates.
Registration and tryout fee
The registration link is not available yet but, this will be will be sent out in a follow up email and posted on the SSC website. When the registration link is available, please complete the travel registration form and pay the $20 tryout fee. This fee will be subtracted from your 2017 club fees, if your child makes a team. Please do this ahead of time to prevent your child from missing any playing time in front of the coaches panel. We have updated our website, and bank account, to now accept electronic payment on site but you can avoid the wait by getting it done ahead of time. We will also be accepting cash and checks. A registration tent will be located at the tryout location. 
Tryout Process

We ask that players DO NOT wear current travel uniforms or apparel.
For those players who have pre-registered: you will simply have to sign in at the registration tent and you will be given a number to wear at all tryout sessions.  For those registering the day of tryouts; you will need to complete the registration form and pay the tryout fee before being assigned a number. Again, we recommend registration ahead of time.
Tryout sessions will be monitored by a coaches panel; the number of coaches evaluating will be dependent on the quantity of players registered for each particular age group. We believe this will contribute towards an independent and impartial assessment of each player. At the conclusion of each group’s tryout session(s), the coaches will submit their player evaluations for review and team formation.
Team Formation Process
It is SSC’s desire to place at least one team in each age level within RDYSL.  For those age groups that have large numbers of potential players; we will make every effort to field a second team.  Traditionally; in those age groups with multiple teams; the first team is called the “Gold” team and the second team the “Blue” team.
At the conclusion of tryouts, the coaches and the coaching director will meet to begin their team selection process. Gold teams will be formed by Saturday, August 6.  Those players selected for Gold teams; will be notified no later than Sunday, August 7.
Players/parents should be prepared to accept or reject an offer to play on a Gold team within 48 hours.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be required at that time serving as a commitment to play for that team. Failure to accept within the 48 hours will be considered a rejection of the offer.
Offers to play for a Blue team will be extended after the Gold teams are complete.  Our expectation is that this will take place by mid-August.  The same acceptance policy will be in place (48 hours/$100 deposit ).
Playing up
If a player is interested in trying out for an age group above his or her age level they may report to the session for the age group they desire to play.  The player must also attend his or her true age group’s tryout session. This will ensure that they are evaluated at both groups and will give the coaches a better sample.
Age Matrix
As some of you may have heard, US Youth Soccer is changing the age matrix for the 2017 summer season. This mandatory change will go into effect during tryouts. We have been working with our Director of Coaching, Tom Etsler and with other clubs, to make sure we can be aligned as possible going into this change, while still making sound soccer decisions.
While we naturally become accustomed to the kids and families around us, as a competitive club, a team should never be static and the same team from year to year, unless that is what the talent pool provides us. A change in the age matrix COULD shift some players up or down based on age alone but in a true tryout, team placement should ultimately be based on the soccer abilities. We want to see some changes, from year to year, as kids improve or get phased out. It shows the system is working and is rewarding those who have worked hard to improve.
The new age-matrix:
U09 - players born in 2008 or 2009
U10 - players born in 2007
U11 - players born in 2006
U12 - players born in 2005
U13 - players born in 2004
U14 - players born in 2003
U15 - players born in 2002
U16 - players born in 2001
U17 - players born in 2000
U19 - players born in 1999 or 1998
Tryout Dates and Locations
Girls – Mon 7/25, Wed 7/27 & Sat 7/30
Boys – Tues 7/26, Thu 7/28, & Sat 7/30
U19 down to U16 – Cosgrove fields F & H
U15 down to U13 – Cosgrove fields G & I
U12 down to U11 – Munn field #3
U10 down to U9 – Munn field #2
U8 – Munn field #1

Tryout Times
U19 – U16
Mon – Thu 6 :00 PM – 7:30 PM
Sat Boys 9:30 – 11:00 am, Girls 3:00 – 4:30 PM
U15 – U13    
Mon – Thu 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Sat Boys 8:00 – 9:30 am, Girls 4:30 – 6:00 PM
U12 – U8
Mon – Thu 6:30 – 8:00 PM
Sat Boys 8 – 9:30 am, Girls 3:00 – 4:30 PM
What to expect if you make a SSC team
1.    Be prepared to accept the offer within 48 hours of the offer and put down a $100 deposit.
3.    Uniform fitting/order – early September
4.    U12 and under may begin outdoor training as early as September based on the coaches discretion.
5.    Indoor Training begins for all teams in November and will run through April.
6.    Outdoor season begins in May and continues through end of July. Season will consist of 12 league games ( 6 home and 6 away )
Look for the reminder email, with the registration links, coming out soon.

by posted 06/27/2016
Alex Turnquist/Ben Daley Memorial Soccer Camp
We would like introduce the first annual Alex Turnquist/Ben Daley Memorial Soccer Camp with ALL proceeds benefitting IACKids. IACKids is a wonderful organization with a goal of helping middle class families with outstanding bills through the time of a child’s illness.  They do amazing work and I encourage you to read more on www.iackids.org
Alex and Ben were two young soccer players in the Spencerport Soccer Club who passed away in 2015.  Alex and his family were helped throughout his illness by IACKids and Ben passed away last fall in a tragic ATV accident.  Both players would have played Varsity this coming year for Spencerport.
Nobody will be paid a dime for this camp, all money will go to IACKids to help additional families in their fight for their children.
Below is a flyer with all of the details however following are the basics.
Camper ages 6-13
July 11-14 9am – 12pm
Hilton Parma Town Park 1300 Hilton Parma Rd
Cost = $110 includes a tshirt
Camp Director Nino Pilato (co-founder of IACKids)
Online registration available at 
Volunteers needed also (adults or older kids) please sign up on the website above.

by posted 04/13/2016
House Soccer Programs - Registration for 2016 is Closed
The Registration System for our
2016 Summer House Outdoor Program is Closed
Contact Lucy Fagan with questions.

Please see the tables below to find the age division that your child qualifies for.
All children must register in the appropriate division based on Gender and the Birthdate Range column.
During your registration you can make a request to play out of division (up or down).

See links underneath the tables to apply to Coach or Manage a Team
No Experience Necessary!


Tykes Outdoor Program for U4 (Co-ed), U6 and U8 (gender specific)
Season runs from the last Monday in June thru the first week in August
U4, U6B and U8B play Mon & Wed, U6G and U8G play Tue & Thur
Price: $95 per player (includes complete uniform)
Division Birthdate Range Register Now!
U4 Girls/Boys
Aug 1, 2011 to Jul 31, 2013
U6 Girls
Aug 1, 2009 to Jul 31, 2011
U6 Boys
Aug 1, 2009 to Jul 31, 2011
U8 Girls
Aug 1, 2007 to Jul 31, 2009
U8 Boys
Aug 1, 2007 to Jul 31, 2009

MURSL Outdoor Program for U10 and up (gender specific)
Season runs from the last Tues in May thru July
Boys play Mon & Wed, Girls play Tue & Thur
Price - $110 per player (includes complete uniform)
Division Birthdate Range Boys Girls
U10 MURSL August 1st, 2005 to July 31st, 2007 Closed Closed
U12 MURSL August 1st, 2003 to July 31st, 2005 Closed Closed
U15 MURSL August 1st, 2000 to July 31st, 2003 Closed Closed
U19 MURSL August 1st, 1996 to July 31st, 2000 Closed Closed


by posted 01/01/2016
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