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Tournament Schedules

Complete Teams List - Click Here and open the West Side Invitational Canal Cup button
Coaches Kick Off Game - Friday, June 9, 6:30PM, Grace & Truth Park 1. Click for Details
Master Schedule (all divisions, all teams) - Click Here and scroll down to Friday
Individual Team Schedules (includes links to field directions)
Go to Teams in the top menu, then select
Choose a Team>West Side Invitational Canal Cup>Boys or Girls>Your Division>Your Team
Then click the Schedule tab on the left
Schedules by Division including Championship Games (Click Below)
Girls Boys
GU09 Blue / Red / White BU09 White
GU10 Red / White BU10 Blue / Gold
GU11 Blue / Red BU11 Black / Red
GU12 Blue / White BU12 Blue / Gold / White
GU13 Gold BU13 Black / Red
GU14 Blue / Gold BU14 White
GU16 Black / Red BU15 Blue
GU17 Blue BU16 Blue / Red
GU19 Red BU17-19 Blue / Red


Standings - Hover over Teams and select Standings.
At the top where it says Change team; in the 2nd box, select Westside Canal Cup.