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You must sign-up or purchase the buy-out by WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8TH 
Dear Spencerport Families,
As many of you know, volunteering at a club function is a requirement for every Spencerport family.  If you have multiple children in the program, you would be required to volunteer for each child’s team. There are no specific amounts of time guaranteed, we work until the job is complete or someone takes our place.
New this year!! We are offering "buy out" slots for those that are unable to volunteer due to conflicts or for other reasons. We are not encouraging the buyout, but rather ensuring that we are giving those who need another option the opportunity to do what will work best for their family.  WE NEED ALL OF YOU to make sure the tournament runs smoothly and efficiently with enough man power to cover many different aspects of a successful tournament. This tournament is a large reflection of the Spencerport Soccer Club that your child plays for so we ask that you take pride in it.    
There are 60 slots available at $50 each. They are available on a first come basis. Only Credit Card payments will be accepted.  We will be going off the database from registration and will have a list of all players.  If you do not pay at the time of registration, you will automatically be removed from the buyout list and the request will not be completed.  Once you choose the buyout option, your name is removed from the volunteer list.  If you sign-up to volunteer and do not show up for your timeslot or do not sign-up, the $50 buyout fee will be added to your online account and due immediately.   **Please remember in the case of multiple players, if you purchase one buyout slot, you will be removed from the volunteer slot for only the team that you have selected.  You will still be responsible for volunteering with the other teams.  You may purchase more than one buyout slot if you choose to do so.
The online volunteer sign-up is located on the Hilton Heat website and accessible by clicking on the link above.  You will need to click "Sign Up" next to the time slot that you would like to select.  It will then ask you to enter your email address that you use on the Spencerport website and click "Forgot Password"  A password will be sent to you so that you can sign in and finalize your volunteer selection.  Once a slot is filled, that option will no longer appear.  There should be a volunteer slot available for all of the Spencerport and Hilton families.  If there are not enough volunteer slots on the list you will be asked to work as a floater or assist with a task that is not listed.  Just because there may not be enough slots on the volunteer sheet for everyone does NOT exclude you from your duties nor does it mean that we DON’T need any more of you to volunteer. You will have other options given to you to choose from by your tournament representative or myself so please ask your team tournament representative to assist you.
Team Representatives: Please make every effort to solve any volunteer issues on your own as this is truly crunch time for the tournament and we need to get it done very quickly. I will be available for you to ask me any questions that may arise but please ask your parents to go through you.
Volunteering Exceptions:
Due to the amount of time/ commitment that some people already provided to the club, they are exempt from performing specific volunteer duties during the tournament.
Head Coach – The family of the head coach is exempt from volunteering with the team that you are a head coach of. If you also have a child on a different team, the family will be responsible for a volunteer time slot on the other team.
Managers -   The family of the team manager is exempt from volunteering with the team that they are managing. If you have more than 1 child and manage only 1 team, the exception is for the child’s team you manage, not both teams.